Website/Life Updates

April 26th, 2017

It’s been over a month since I’ve updated, but my excuse is that grad school is actually (surprisingly?) hard, and so that has understandably taken precedence. But now that studio finals are over, I’ve started re-organizing and implementing new site-wide changes. There are several new and updated pages, but more is coming within the next month. 

- MORPHOSIS has a new, completely re-vamped page with all-new images and a super-digestible text walkthrough, based off a pecha kucha I presented at CNU Illinois in December.

- AUTOMATA has moved to the PROJECTS dropdown and has merged with my final studio project (which it was always intended to), although more changes are coming. Right now I’m only showing full boards, although because of 22Slides’ JPG file size limit, it’s fairly low-resolution at the moment. Once the semester is officially over, I’ll go back and extract individual JPGs from the existing Photoshop files for more clarity. Model photos are also coming. 

- There is a new PROJECT page under construction that will be unveiled on May 7th, when the competition it was entered into ends. 

- Icons: As much as I love my website’s existing dropdown menus, the PROJECTS, PRODUCTION, and PHOTOGRAPHY tabs will be moving to individual icon-based pages, for easier navigation (seriously, there’s so much content it’s hard to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list for some of those pages). 

- LIFE UPDATE: I’m proud to announce that I have accepted a new job immediately following graduation as a project associate at Legat Architects. I’m sure my new content will decrease dramatically after graduation, but I still intend to enter competitions and keep designing on my own in my free time, and more importantly, the site itself has incredible sentimental value to me as it’s own curated body of work, so I’ll make sure to keep it lively. 

Thanks for following!